Personal meets Professional

Copy Kate Personal meets Professional

Hello, I'm Copy Kate

Here to write words for you, in your voice, designed to influence. 

I write the copy

You get the results

Remember this: you can have the best products or services in the world, but if your copy is ineffective, doesn't read well, or is just plain boring, then you're far from reaching your potential.

Everything I do for you is Tactical 

You are in the safe hands of an expert syntactician. I've been deploying the language of persuasion my whole career. 10 years as an English Barrister has given me the breadth of experience and confidence to work with all personality types and a range of different businesses and industries. I am ready for you.

What is it about being a Barrister that makes me THE Copywriter for you?


At the Bar I lived and breathed words and tactics.

How does that help you? Crucially: I can receive a brief, assimilate the information (whatever the subject matter), ask the right questions, identify what matters, research research research

THEN formulate the argument/strategy/structure... and write your persuasive copy.

Copy that builds your relationships to establish trust, and converts.

It's all about YOU

You are rightly proud of your business, and you work hard. Share with me how you think, who your clients are (or you want to be), and your vision.

I will use your passion and enthusiasm, and your voice, in a way that will make a difference to your business. 

AND I promise to be frank with you about your copy needs. Every step of the way.