So, who is Copy Kate?

Copy Kate.jpg

Tea, wine & gin drinker, animal lover, book consumer, mother, wife, English expat in France, driven, committed, perfectionist, enthusiastic, "can do" attitude, queen boss organiser.  

My timeline so far: 

I was a civil law Barrister in the UK for 10 years. My career was my everything. Then we started a family and an opportunity to move to Paris arose. We threw ourselves wholeheartedly into that new adventure. I learnt so much about myself; adapting, experiencing a difference culture, meeting so many amazing and diverse new people, and of course making the most of all of the culture, food, and beauty that Paris and France has to offer. 

Once the haze of babies was behind me, I needed to use my brain again, and so started writing and created my copywriting business. I also created and run the successful review website: Five Little Stars.

Recently we moved to the South of France; buying and settling in a beautiful, inspirational, and quintessentially french country farmhouse. 

Oh yes, and a majestic Bengal kitten, named Norbert, joined our clan.

my bucket list for the future:

Cage diving with great white sharks

Climb Mont Blanc

Acrobatic airplane ride

(...want to join me?!)


For a more detailed CV, check out my Linked In profile here. 


So, now you know a bit more about me... how can I help you and your business?

Copywriter Cat